2 Hours/day – 1 Hour Theory, 1 Hour Practical
4 Hours/day – 2 Hours Theory, 2 hours Practical

Course Content:

Organizational Units

  • Components of Management Accounting

Master Data

  • Cost Centers
  • Cost elements
  • Activity Types
  • Statistical key figures
  • Global Functions For Master Data

Event-Based Postings

  • Entering Primary Postings
  • Reports in Cost Center Accounting
  • Account Assignment Tools
  • Adjustment postings
  • Direct Activity Allocation

Period-End Closing

  • Accrual Calculation
  • Entering Statistical Key Figures
  • Periodic Reposting
  • Cost Allocations
  • Reconciliation Ledger
  • Period Lock

Internal Orders

  • Overview
  • Using Overhead Orders
  • Real and Statistical Orders
  • The Different Scenarios for Internal Orders

Master Data of Internal Orders

  • Master Data Maintenance
  • Status Management for Overhead Cost Orders
  • Grouping and Collective Processing

Event-Based Postings

  • Event-Based Postings Within and Outside Management
  • Accounting
  • Commitment Management

Period-End Closing of the Internal Orders

  • Periodic Debit Postings
  • Periodic Credit Postings
  • Settlement: Special Subjects

Planning, Budgeting and Availability Control

  • Budgeting and Availability Control

Information System

  • Report Painter
  • Data Source

Master Data

  • Controlling Area Settings
  • Master Data
  • Profit Center Assignment
  • The New General Ledger

Planning in Management Accounting

  • Introduction to Planning
  • Planning Options in Overhead Management Accounting
  • Master Data for Management Accounting

Integrated Planning Process in Management Accounting

  • Integrated Planning Cycle
  • Integration of Activity-Based Costing

Introduction to Product Cost Planning

  • Overview of Product Cost Planning

Reference and Simulation Costing

  • Costing Variant and Costing Items
  • Base Planning Objects

Material Cost Estimate without Quantity Structure

  • Material Master
  • Unit Cost Estimates
  • Enhanced Efficiencies for Multi-Level Unit Cost Estimates

Preparing for Product Cost Planning

  • Costing Variant
  • Cost Component Split
  • Overhead Costing Sheet
  • Allocating Process Costs to a Product

Material Cost Estimate with Quantity Structure

  • Basics of Material Costing with Quantity Structure
  • Material Cost Estimate
  • Prices in Material Master

Profitability Management

  • Overview of Profitability Management
  • Profitability Analysis and Profit Center Accounting
  • Objects and Aspects in Profitability Management

New General Ledger Accounting

  • New General Ledger Accounting – Basic Information
  • Global Settings in New General Ledger Accounting for Profit Centers

Profit Center Master Data in New General Ledger Accounting

  • Profit Center Master Data
  • Profit Center Assignments

Actual Postings in Profit Center Accounting in New General Ledger Accounting

  • Profit Center Update: Overview
  • Integration with Asset Accounting
  • Data Flow from Materials Management
  • Data Flow from Cost Object Controlling
  • Transfer from Sales and Distribution
  • Allocations in Profit Center Accounting

Profit Center Planning in New General Ledger Accounting

  • Planning Configuration and Manual Planning
  • Integrated Planning


  • Overview of Operating Concern
  • Data Structures

Master Data

  • Introduction to Characteristic Derivation and Valuation
  • Characteristic Derivation
  • Valuation

Actual Data  

  • Flow of Actual Data
  • Integration with Sales Order Management
  • Transfer of Overhead
  • Direct Postings
  • Value Flow from Cost Object CO


  • Realignment and Customizing Monitors


  • The Profit Planning Process
  • Planning Methods

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